Profile Sander PRO 1100

Category:Used Woodworking Machinery

Sub Category:Profile Sander


Model Pro 1100


Dimension of workplace:

Height max: 100mm.

Width max: 1100mm.

Length: Infinite.


Through feed width, m/min: 2-12.

Spindle speed, RPM: 300-1150.

Rotation speed, RPM: 3-16.

Spindle length: 390mm.

Number of spindles: 8.

Diameter of tool max: 350mm.

Total number of QUICK-Discs/QN: 256/120.

Main motor: 4x1.5Kw.

Frequency alternator spindles: 7.5Kw.

Conveyor motor: 1.1Kw.

Rotation Motor: 1.1Kw.

Vacuum pump: 11Kw.

Height Adjustment: 0.45Kw.

Dust Collection duct: 4x140mm.

Exhaust capacity m/h: 5600.

Net weight: Appr 1800Kg.


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