Edge Banding EP-9

Category:Used Woodworking Machinery

Sub Category:Edge Banding


Technical data

Producer: Cehisa
Model: EP-9
Cutters are systematically exchanged. Cutter of narrow planes. Granular pellet in the temperature range 180-210 deg. Dimensions of the machine 3380 x 800, thickness of the veneered material up to 50 mm. Rim perimeter, feeder, guillotine pre-cut veneer, three pressure rollers, dripping balls , milling unit, polishing station. Working duration 20-25 minutes. ABS / PVC edging 0.4mm-3.0 mm, and wood panels up to 6 mm. Total power 4.6 KW.Minimum width of the element 70 mm, minimum length of the element 150mm. Air pressure 6-7 atmosfer. The machine is fully operational, ready for work at any time.
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