Slide Cutter UZMA-400

Category:New Woodworking Machinery

Sub Category:Slide Cutter


Model UZMA-400 UZMA-400e
Dimension of Panel Saw 3200*360mm 3200*380mm
Year 2021 2021
Serial No 21E082022 21E082022
Max Sawing thickness 90mm 90mm
Power of Main Saw Spindle 6.25Kw 6.25Kw
Rotary Speed of main Saw Spindle 4400/5600r/min 4400/5600r/min
Diameter of main Saw 350mm 350mm
Diameter of main Saw Spindle 30mm 30mm
Voltage 380v 380v
Frequency 50Hz 50Hz
Rotary speed of grooving Saw 8500r/min 8500r/min
Diameter of grooving Saw 120mm 120mm
Tilting Saw Blade 45° 45°
Weight 750Kg 750Kg
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