Veener Door Press XL 6-S

Category:Used Woodworking Machinery

Sub Category:Veneer Door Press



Model: 2011
Region: ITALY
ItalPresse XL Heated Hydraulic Upstroke Press for pressing wood veneers, laminates, composites, and other materials - This new model has been added to the Italpresse range because of the demand for the highest quality at an economical price - Italpresse have invested many hours into the design of these presses. The end result is a press of robust construction, which can have up to 10 pressure cylinders of varying sizes. The latest PLC control technologies have been incorporated together with a completely revised method of manufacture.

Hot presses are used in many different sectors, including the manufacture of furniture, door and window frames, parquet flooring, doors and wooden items in general, the plastics industry, motor vehicles and aircraft, insulated panels, buildings etc.

The presses can be confgured in various sizes, power and pressures for laminating all types of materials. They can be configured at will thanks to a large number of optional devices that can be used to adapt the press to your specific personal requirements.
High manufacturing accuracy is guaranteed by superior-quality mechanical.

The main frame and component are now machined using CNC machining centres so that manual operations during the assembly stage are minimised.This coupled with mass production of standard size machines, Italpresse have achieved their aim of reducing prices while improving quality.

As standard this model uses a PLC control and diagnostics for setting and general fault finding.

- Wide range of sizes available for all applications
- Computerised control of the pressing functions
- Pressing timer with automatic opening & manual override
- Digital display & control of setting and working temperature
- Digital display & control of working pressure
- Timer for startup in morning
- Diagnostics with digital display
- Automatic reset of hydraulic pressure [if pressure drops]
- Heating using either diathermic oil or water for even temperature or electrical resistance option
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